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Plant-based foods rich in protein per 100 grams in the vegan diet (100% vegetarian)

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Quantities of calcium per 100 grams of food:

Food (100g) Grams of protein
Wheat Gluten 75,2
Almonds 21,2
Sunflower seeds (toasted) 19,3
Tempeh cooked 18,2
Soya beans cooked 16,6
Hard Tofu 12,7
Lentils cooked 9
Chickpea boiled 8,9
Pasta boiled 5,8
Spinachs boiled 3
White rice boiled 2,4
Champignons boiled 2,2
Avocado raw 2

This is a sample of foods with 2 or more grams of protein per 100g. Many more foods contain protein in large quantities and also in smaller amounts of 2mg. Check with your nutritionist.


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Davis, Brenda and Vesanto, Melina. Becoming Vegan: the complete guide to adopting a healthy plant-based diet. Book Publishing Company, 2000. ISBN: 1570671036.

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