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Plant-based foods rich in protein per 100 grams in the vegan diet (100% vegetarian)


Don’t forget to visit our article on protein in vegan diet (100% vegetarian). To view large image and download: Infographic vegan foods rich in protein. Note: If you are viewing the page on a mobile device, you can scroll through the table on the right to see it fully. Quantities of calcium per 100 grams... Read more »

Protein in vegan diet (100% vegetarian) – Myths and facts


The most important things about plant protein: * A well-planned vegan diet will not produce Protein deficiencies. * The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) in adulst is 0.9 grams per kg per day (If you weigh 60 kg you need 54g of protein per day). * The protein consist of 22 different amino acids, of which... Read more »

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